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About Us

Dr. Eliana Aaron

eliana aaronDr. Eliana Aaron is the director of EMA Care in Israel, a company that helps thousands of gap year students, tourists, and English-speaking Israeli citizens with medical concierge and telemedicine services in English.

Dr. Eliana Aaron was the medical officer in the (former) US Consulate General in Jerusalem. Part of her job was formulating and updating emergency plans for pandemics and potential large-scale health threats. Dr. Aaron and her team had to plan different levels of responses to a variety of potential pandemics in case of a major national or international health event. These protocols were based on local resources, local and US government protocols, and regulations. These plans were later sent to the US Department of State in Washington DC for approval.

Dr. Aaron is currently liaising with the MOH regarding the application of pandemic protocols for a gap year and foreign student programs in Israel.  For example, the MOH guidelines focus on home quarantine, which is not applicable to foreign students in Israel. As a result, Dr. Eliana Aaron created protocols that adapt to the MOH regulations to the realities of the gap year program/foreign students in Israel while keeping students, educators, and families.

EMA Care

EMA Care provides concierge health care coordination services in Israel for individual tourists, tourist groups, students, gap year programs, new immigrants (olim) and residents.

Our mission is to serve our clients with excellent communication and customer service while improving their access to quality care, organization of health care, and by guiding them towards meeting their health goals and optimal health function. Our mission drives us to excellence and helps our clients stay at the center of all health decision making while optimizing their health. Our goal is to help our clients to reach their health goals.

Why did EMA Care create Conoravirus Israel?

Our clients are mainly English speakers who are not a part of the Israeli Healthcare System. When the Ministry of Health started providing guidelines regarding COVID-19 EMA Care recognized major gaps in the planning and communication of protocols and information to foreigners (students, visitors, etc). EMA Care took it upon itself to close this gap and is providing Yeshivas, Seminaries, schools, and tourists with up to date and accurate information regarding the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health, implement the guidelines and protect their students and themselves.

We felt this was necessary because ensuring the health of our clients and the general public is part of our duty as healthcare providers.

Where are we obtaining our information?

All postings to the Coronavirus Israel website are obtained from reliable sources. The information posted to this site has been vetted through our various connections which include news agencies and the Ministry of Health. In addition to providing accurate information, we are also debunking ‘fake news’ that could potentially be harmful if followed.

Our goal in creating the Coronavirus Israel website is to provide guidance to those not familiar with the Israeli Healthcare System and to ensure individuals have the latest information to keep themselves safe.

Our Team

Adam   Pic

Adam Cohen

Clinical Care Manager
Adam (RN MScN, MBA) was born in Toronto, Canada and made Aliyah in 2017. Adam holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree with honors in Nursing from York University and an MBA (healthcare-focused) from the University of Toronto. His experiences include emergency care, nursing, and patient education, and managing surgical units at an acute care hospital. Adam - RN MScN, MBA - is passionate about delivering quality healthcare and customer satisfaction. Adam has over 10 years of experience working in healthcare and is excited to bring his knowledge to EMA Care.
Judy Pic

Judy Bar Eitan

Judy (MSc.) has been living in Israel since 1981. As a mother, grandmother, and daughter of an ailing mother, she is well aware of the challenges and solutions of the Israeli health care system. Her background in family counseling, with a Masters in clinical sociology, means she is part of EMA Care’s empathetic response team to the stress calls EMA Care receives.

Ellen Goldberg

Ellen Goldberg is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Nursing. Her passion in nursing is helping those with chronic illness live life as fully and "normally" as possible. Ellen in a mother of four who made aliyah in 2015 from Malden, MA, where she worked as a school nurse and summer camp nurse. Her hobbies include running, continuing to (try to) learn Hebrew and mastering making Israeli salatim.

Efrat Seidenfeld

Efrat Seidenfeld is getting her BA in Communication and marketing with a specialization in Bushiness from IDC. She has lives in Israel since 2002. She has been part of the marketing team for almost 2 years. She built the Coronavirus.healthcareisrael.com website and she enjoys writing blogs and working in marketing.


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