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Corona FAQ

New Global Coronavirus trends after re-opening the economy

Many countries are doing well with the re-opening of the economy and some aren't. Israel is still doing very well.  

Lifting restrictions

Dr. Eliana breaks down the new trend issues with Coronavirus, new restrictions that are being opened up, and the new inflammatory condition that is developing in children as a result of the Covid-19.  


 Dr. Eliana talks about TeleMedicine. It began in countries that had people living in remote (In Norway etc.) locations that didn't have access to medical care. With the development of technology, apps, and medical apps - Telemedicine became worldwide!During a pandemic, this is crucial, especially to the elderly. Many elder people struggl...
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The re-opening of Israel economy

Israel's publis areas are starting to re-open. Gyms, malls, schools, universities, and jobs are opening up again. This is causing many people to be concerned with the Coronavirus spread. 

Tracking the coronavirus using a logarithmic scale

 Dr. Eliana Aaron talks about tracking the coronavirus and pulse proximity testing. 

How the Jewish Community was effected by the Coronavirus

Dr. Eliana talks about the Jewish community around the world and in Israel  

Social Distancing and general questions

Dr Eliana explains the current Covid-19 situation in Israel using graphs and charts, and answers some of the Internets most asked questions including: 1. For those continuing social distancing what would have to happen to stop? Are we waiting for a vaccine or would you do it before?2. Are seasonal changes going to make an affect in Covid-19?3....
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Surface contamination

 Dr. Eliana Aaron breaks down different surfaces that might be contaminated with the Coronavirus. 

Food shopping and analysis on Asia

 In this video Dr. Eliana answers questions about food, groceries, and gives us an analysis of the situation in Asian and around the world. 

IKEA and the opening of stores!!!

 Daily Update with Dr. Eliana Aaron - the reopening of IKEA and other stores and long term immunity!

Taking walks & Ethical issues

Going on walks fro elderly people? Masks and some ethical issues regarding the Coronavirus. IKEA has opened in Israel and it's going to cause a major problem down the road.  

Mutations & Vaccine development

Dr Eliana Aaron breaks down the mutations of the Coronavirus and discusses how that will affect the development of the vaccine. 

How other countries are dealing with Coronavirus

In this video, we are going to look at different strategies that countries around the world used to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus  

500-meter regulations & new regulations

 The new regulations show that we might be getting back to normal in a few months. The Ministry of Health is allowing people to walk 500 meter from your home. You are allowed to exercise with someone outside of your family (but only 1 person) & more

Decontaminating groceries and walking regulations

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Delayed indicators & Gap year students

How Coronavirus works - and how we are dealing with the outbreak. What will happen with the Gap year programs?​Coronavirus - will it come back?

Masks & New regulations

Do you think you may have the Coronavirus? As a public service during these difficult times, EmaCare will be providing free COVID-19 screening in English via telemedicine. Please use this link to schedule an appointment. https://calendly.com/emacare/15min?month=2020-03 Join our Q&A WhatsApp group - https://chat.whatsapp.com/JUJ6FjhsmA42j90ErRBR...
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Hotspots and infection rates

 New policies + infection rate by city in Israel. Hotspots The infection rate of Israel compared to Switzerland. 

Supermarket workers - safety & Gloves

 Q&A with Dr. Eliana Aaron - Supermarket workers - safety of temperature? Glove safety and regulations for soldiers

Epidemiology from a professional

Understand the epidemiology from a professional With Dr. Eliana Aaron 

Coronavirus Israel VLOG

07 August 2020
In this video, Dr. Eliana Aaron will discuss taking pubic transportation. Many people have asked which form of public transportation is safer - taxies & Buses? 00:00 – introduction 00:32 – How to safely take a taxi? ...
21 July 2020
 In this video Dr. Eliana will discuss the fake news that has been going around about wearing masks.00:00 – introduction 00:18 – fake studies and agenda's02:07 – how to distinguish between fake news and real news06:08 – why d...

Coronavirus Israel BLOG

24 September 2020
Visiting a doctor for the first time can be overwhelming. Will this doctor listen to your concerns? Will this doctor spend the appropriate time to answer your questions clearly and with patience? Will this doctor have the bedside manner that you expe...
17 September 2020
​Blog on remote technology and thermometersTelemedicine refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other. The technology for telemedicine is constantly evolving and it is ...
17 September 2020
As Israel approaches its second lockdown, let us take a look at lockdowns and their effects. Lockdowns have been shown to significantly lower the R0 (the mathematical term that indicates how contagious an infectious disease is) (by 81% on average), a...