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How Coronavirus Has Affected the Work Force

The coronavirus has undoubtedly changed our lives – possibly forever. More than just the current health situation, many people are wondering about the long term effects a global pandemic can have. Will we ever again be able to enjoy a packed bar on a Saturday night? Will face masks become staple items in our outfits? And how has the coronavirus affected the workforce?


In a time with so much uncertainty it is hard to look at the positive side. However, as the saying goes, every dark cloud has a silver lining. With so many people losing their jobs and so many businesses being forced to close, the amount of innovation in the workforce is unmatched. All over the world people have been getting creative trying to come up with new business ideas. Full fashion lines of face masks have emerged. Tech companies pivoted their software's to match the current climate. The circumstances are by no means ideal, but the creativity emerging is certainly a bright spot to focus on.


One of the best parts of everybody working from home, is the possibility for global competition. Not only does this mean that you are able to find the job best suited to you – no matter the distance – but there is hope that this globalization can turn the work force into a global market. With so much talent and the pool of opportunities growing, employees and employers alike can benefit from the new found competition in their industries.


For many people, juggling work and family has always been a struggle. For women, who deal with pregnancy and nursing, this is especially true. However, the new found work reality offers unmatchable flexibility. When parents are working from home, they don't have to worry as much about making that doctors appointment or missing a day because of a sick child (which in turn leads to more competition). While some may miss the hustle and bustle of office life, for many this work from home arrangement is an improvement.


For many big corporations, the biggest expense they have is rent. With such big buildings in such prime areas, rent can be costing them astronomical amounts. However, as many companies are beginning to downsize as a result of less employees coming into the office, their budgets – as a result - grow exponentially. Now, instead of spending millions of dollars on rent, they can refocus that budget into the company. With so much more money to play with, there's no telling what these corporations might be able to do. 


There has been a lot of bad come out of the coronavirus, and really not much good. It is a difficult and uncertain time. However, there are small moments of positive that we think need to be recognized. These moments look different for different people. For one it may mean applying to an internship overseas and for another it could mean becoming more productive without their morning commute. Regardless, take from this opportunity what you can and try to make it work for you.

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