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Protesting During Corona

We are not a political or politics based company and will therefore not be discussing the different opinions and views regarding the protests that are going on right now. However, regardless of that, the fact remains that the protests are happening - as is the spread of the coronavirus. Given this, we have made the decision to address this reality and provide practical ways to keep yourself and others safe should you choose to take part in these demonstrations. Our goal is to help you keep healthy and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Wear a Mask

Yes, it is hot, yes, it is uncomfortable and yes, it muffles your voice, but it also keeps you (and others) safe. Masks are a huge part of containing the spread of the coronavirus. Studies have found that our mouths and nose are the main entry points for the virus and by keeping these openings covered we are actively avoiding catching coronavirus. Depending on the type of mask - studies have shown that with correct use there is a 30-95% reduction in spread when wearing a mask (the infected person wearing the mask). This is especially important in a protest environment. With people huddled together, chanting and sweating, there are far too many ways for the coronavirus to reach you.

Open Areas

It is virtually impossible to social distance at a protest, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Go for an open, outdoor area. Somewhere where it is possible to spread out. Encourage people to stick to their own spaces and actively avoid large groups of people. While the risk remains and social distancing is obviously recommended, at the very least try and keep from huddled, packed in areas.

Use Social Media

There is no doubt great power in an in-person protest, but given the current pandemic, there are also great risks. Given this, now is the perfect time to utilize the immense power of social media. With the internet spreading far beyond anywhere we can fathom, the power of our words can reach millions. Today, you can take an active part in current events and express any opinion you choose from the comfort and safety of your home.

Small Groups

If going to a large protest feels risky (and there is a reason why) then try organizing a smaller group of people in a controlled setting. By not exposing yourself to too many people and keeping your contact with strangers to a minimum, you are actively lessening your chances of contracting the novel coronavirus. 


Today's political climate has caused hundreds of people to venture out of their homes and stand up for what they believe in. Protests have spread far beyond the United States and individuals in Israel have been attending and organizing rallies. The biggest fear regarding this, is the ways in which it will affect the spread of the novel coronavirus. With so many efforts made to keep the spread to a minimum, officials are worrying about the ways in which these gatherings will affect the containment. Remember to stay safe, for your sake as well as others and never disregard the power of taking precautions.

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