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Supporting Small Businesses

Israeli officials have gone back and forth multiple times in regards to the coronavirus regulations. While many are pushing for restaurants and bars to be shut down, others are scared that by not allowing the economy to remain open, it will take an irreparable hit. For many people, the biggest fear right now is not being able to pay their bills at the end of the month and falling below the poverty line. Some 55% of people have reported that they fear they won't be able to make it through the month. So, how can we as individuals support our local businesses and help ensure that our establishments remain open?


Many have stopped eating out all together, others have begun to order in, but even those continuing to enjoy restaurants haven't taken one very important thing into account – the waiters. With take out, waiters are left without work and because many make their money off tips, even more are left without income. As long as businesses are losing money, their staff is being laid off. When it comes to supporting small businesses, let's take the time to think about the people that the small businesses support. If there is an outdoor option, grabbing a cup of coffee outdoors can be a safe endeavour. Verify that the establishment is vigilant about keeping to the regulations, make sure to wear a mask and do your best to social distance and enjoy a cold iced coffee outside on a hot summer day.

Corner Stores

Many people struggle to shop at their local stores given the high prices. The fact remains that big box stores simply have better deals than smaller establishments. When trying to get the best bang for your buck, the bigger the store the better the deal. That said, there are usually some products that are comparable and even cheaper in smaller stores. This may take a little extra time and effort, but by making a point to buy those items at your local corner store, you are ensuring the survival of the establishment. Make a point of supporting local businesses because when the pandemic passes and you require a convenience store, they will be there to support you.

Second Hand Shops

Second hand stores are a win-win combination. Not only are they reasonably priced and a great cheap option, but they are usually run like small mom and pop establishments. Shopping second hand might not be what most people are used to, but with a little extra effort you can find exactly what you need – many of it even brand new. You'd be surprised to find how many people give their never worn before clothing to second hand shops and thrift stores. Plus, finding ways to recycle old pieces is better for the environment too.

Odds and Ends

Many small businesses appeal to an extremely niche market and supporting them isn't always a feasible option for everybody. But support doesn't always have to mean financial support, sometimes just spreading the word can be enough. It is important that we keep these establishments in the backs of our minds and do our best to share them with our friends. Not everyone is in the market for a beautiful piece of water painted art, but someone is, and your word can bring the small business the clients they need. 


Many people have taken a financial hit with the coronavirus. Some have lost their jobs, others have had to close down businesses and many are simply left in a limbo of uncertainty. There is no telling how long this will last, but we can do our best to ensure that small businesses feel supported and manage to stay alive. Obviously, there is no expectation that you put yourself at risk, but there are many options and ways to support local businesses that won't even cost you one dime more.

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