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The Do's and Don'ts of Post Quarantine Dating

Quarantine and social distancing has made dating difficult. Many singles found themselves fed up with the awkward FaceTime calls and the boring dating apps. However, now that the corona regulations are beginning to ease people are looking for ways to get back out there without putting themselves – or their dates – at risk.

Do: Stay Outdoors

Instead of going the traditional route of getting dinner or grabbing drinks, look to get creative and find a nice outdoor activity to do together. Take a walk in a park, have a picnic on the beach or even go on a hike together. The most important thing to do is remember that just because dating is allowed again doesn't mean that you shouldn't be social distancing. Plus, the outside areas pose a lesser risk of spread. It may feel strange not to get too close to your date, but your health and safety should always come first.

Don't: Go Wild

With so many months spent indoors, it may be tempting to go out on lots of dates now to make up for the lost time. However, when dating people you don't know, you can never be sure that they have been keeping to the coronavirus rules. Try and keep your dates to a minimum and go out only with the people that you feel you really connect with. Best to enjoy your freedom smartly than find yourself back in quarantine because of meeting up with the wrong person.

Do: Make Phone Calls

Just because you can go out, doesn't mean you should. Consider continuing to allow the beginnings of your relationships to start through virtual means. The distance may make dating a little more difficult, but this way you can be sure that you are being smart. Plus, with the regulations letting up, once you feel comfortable that the person you're seeing has been vigilant and careful throughout the pandemic, you still have the option of meeting up at a later point.

Don't: Share a Ride

One of the places where it is most difficult to social distance is in a car. The small vehicle forces you to stay in close proximity to your date, no matter if you want to. Instead, try and find a way to travel separately. Perhaps choose an area that is within walking distance for both of you, or if possible try coming in separate cars. We know this isn't an option for everybody, but for those that do have this option it is best to be vigilant and avoid the needless close contact.

Do: Have Fun

At the end of the day, the regulations being lifted allow us more freedom in our day to day lives and there's no reason we shouldn't take advantage of that. As long as you are smart about the way that you act and are taking precautions, there's no reason you can't go back to the dating scene. Remember to wear a mask, keep your distance and stay outdoors. But most importantly, remember that it's a date, so have fun! 


Dating is never easy, but the coronavirus has only made it more difficult. It can be hard to feel your best in a mask and social distancing while trying to get to know someone new is anything but ideal. That said, as the regulations are lifting, we are being allowed to slowly return to our everyday lives. While we're still a long way away from being able to date the way we used to, there are steps you can take to return to your romantic life. Use this time as a chance to focus on the emotional parts of your relationship and not just the physical aspects of new love.

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