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Dr. Eliana's Coronavirus Israel VLOG

Fake news during the Coronavirus pandemic

 In this video Dr. Eliana will discuss the fake news that has been going around about wearing masks.

00:00 – introduction

00:18 – fake studies and agenda's

02:07 – how to distinguish between fake news and real news

06:08 – why do people want to do this?

12:07 – does wearing masks violate our freedom?

12:50 – some tips on identifying fake news 

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Coronavirus Israel VLOG

08 October 2020
 Video for mental health and quarantine:  00:00 – intro  01:34 – coping with quarantine  02:01 – keep your mind occupied – zoom classes and social activities  02:41 – talking to people (not mediated)  03:34 – getting fre...
07 August 2020
In this video, Dr. Eliana Aaron will discuss taking pubic transportation. Many people have asked which form of public transportation is safer - taxies & Buses?  00:00 – introduction  00:32 – How to safely take a taxi? do I need to wear ...

Coronavirus Israel BLOG

29 November 2020
Season allergies also known as "Hay Fever" is common, especially when the seasons change. It when mold, trees, grasses, and weeds release their spores into the air. The immune system treats these spores as invaders, and this causes allergy symptoms. ...
22 November 2020
This year, many gap year students have been experiencing a lot of stress due to the Coronavirus pandemic.What happens when a student develops an emotional problem while he/she is in Israel?How can the student or parent recognize the signs of a seriou...
15 November 2020
During the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have been worried about the upcoming Flu season. But to everyone's surprise, the numbers in the southern hemisphere were the lowest they have been in a long time. "Never in my 40-year career have we ever s...